ROUND 1 - 2018

ROUND 2 - 2018

ROUND 3 - 2018

Goal Kickers: S. Farmer, J. Hicks

Best Players: K. Shanahan, T. Mount, T. Belo

This week we played Blackburn at home. Blackburn had won their first two games of the year and we had shown good improvement in both of our games. We welcomed BMac and Gazza in for their first game and both did a great job in their respective positions. Blackburn jumped us and although the backline worked hard they managed to make the most of their opportunities to kick 3.2. On the other hand we had a lot of the ball but could not manage to kick a goal. The 4 points we kicked in this quarter could have been goals. The second quarter was much of the same. We had 60% of the play but still struggled to capitalise on the scoreboard. We were much more accountable in this quarter and we did restrict Blackburn’s scoring to just 2 shots, 1.1, whilst we could only manage 2 more points from several chances. After half time we took control of the game and after constant pressure from the forward line and smart positioning by players we found Jen who kicked truly for our first goal of the day. We could still only manage 1.1 from many opportunities but we had taken control of the game and Blackburn could only manage 1 point. At 3/4 time we spoke about fighting the game out and how Blackburn had tired. We peppered the goals and had 70% of the play but unfortunately could only kick 1.6, whilst restricting Blackburn to 2 points. This was a game we should have won and also proof to us all that we are a good side and capable of beating anyone, if we continue to listen and improve. We had a lot of good players and this is why we had such a good game. We didn’t rely on just 4 or 5 players. We had good players everywhere. The Senior players BOG award went to Kshan who was dominant in the ruck and CHF. She took several marks and gave us lots of drive. The Maroondah Club awards went to Tay who won many possessions off the half back line and on ball. She gave our forwards many chances. And Tash who marked the ball well and just kept presenting. Her strong attack on the ball leads the way for her team mates. Thomo, Jen and Bevo worked hard all day and Gazza set her wing alight. Our backline was excellent with Butters beating her opponent and winning the the hard ball. Langers went to their key forward after quarter time and stopped her from having any influence on the game. BMac, Huddo, Bree and Big Louie not only beat their direct opponents but started to work together and help each other. I look forward to Sunday, where if we bring the same intensity as we did in this game, we will win.

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